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Be Mindful.

Be Effective.

ZEN~It: An app to bring mindfulness into your life — while maximising productivity, without compromising on self-care.

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We know how hard it is, when responsibilities pull you in so many directions, and you have so many roles to juggle, while wanting more for yourself.


Our responsibilities are important, and our time is precious - so is our wellbeing. This is where ZEN~It can help you achieve productivity without burnout.

ZEN~It is an easy mindful productivity app to help you become a mindful achiever.


We provide you the tools to manage and track various aspects of your work and life, seamlessly blending task management, relaxation and mindfulness techniques.


Come, be mindful, be effective, with ZEN~It.

Stay focussed and organized using ZEN~It's Focus Time, Calendar, and Task List.

Cultivate self-care habits! Explore our Self-Care suite. Practise meditation, centering and bring positivity to your life. Achieve your dreams, by feeding your soul!

Be more effective! Take the guesswork out of what task to tackle when. ZEN~It’s Priority Wizard will help you stay on top of all your tasks!

What our users have to say!

It's a great app with wonderful integration of productivity and mindfulness. The tracks available in the self care suite are relaxing and helpful. Priority wizard works well and creating and managing tasks is so simple. Overall, this app works like a combination of a personal secretary and a guide/counselor helping in achieving a healthy balance between work and self care.





Zen~It is a great app for self-care and planning. Uniquely, it harmonises productivity with mindfulness and self-care thus paving the way for sustainable productivity and reduces the likelihood of burnout.

Rithvik Mathur


Swathi Bhojaraj


Easy to use, simple and organised. Tutorials help.


A wonderful tool, I would call a one-stop-shop that acts as a consistent digital friend, rather a co-pilot for all our activities throughout the day, which guides us into a better living.


Kavana D Rajan



A very easy to use productivity app, with great features to actively practice guided mindfulness while being able to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Really loved the Stretch feature under Self-Care, a much needed practice especially if you have a desk job, and the Priority Wizard feature under Productivity that makes categorising tasks so easy!

Sharon Alex



This is my first time using such an app and I am really impressed by its features. The interface is very user friendly and visually appealing. The materials available on the Self-Care tab are crisp and to the point and something that I would love to start my day with or visit at least once in a day. The Productivity tab is also very useful and has several features to act as your digital assistant. As the logo suggests the app truly helps in enhancing your mindfulness and productivity.

Nilesh Kujur


ZEN~It is a multifaceted relaxation & productivity app that has simplified & enriched my days. Even in the middle of a hectic day one can take a 2 or 5 minute break and listen to guided meditations that helps one focus on their breath and body stressors. The office stretch videos helps reduce stress and improve posture during long work hours. The Priority Wizard is a wonderful feature allowing me to focus on important tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

It is designed to help users start their day positively, stay mindful and streamline their daily tasks. With a unique blend of self-care and productivity features it is perfect for anyone seeking a balanced and productive lifestyle.

Akshatha Mohan


Akshatha Mohan.jpg

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Wondering where to begin?


Here’s a list of our favourite books that inspire us everyday!

  • Indistractable - How to control your attention and choose your life by Nir Eyal

  • Progress over Perfection by Emma Norris

  • Mindful Work by  David Gelles

  • The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Mindful Zen Habits by Marc Reklau & Manuel Villa

  • Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles

Ready to Redefine Productivity? Start your journey with ZEN~It today!

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